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Artline Marks EKPR

The Artline Professional Series has been designed to offer the perfect marker for any job. Superior ink coupled with long lasting barrels and nibs ensure The Professional Series will stand the test of time no matter what the situation.

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Colored Cardboards

Cardboard is made of very resistant and long-lasting paper, being ideal for handicrafts and professional jobs, it allows you to let your imagination run wild and guarantee final works of extreme quality. Various colors available.

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Sarasa Clip Pen

The Zebra Sarasa Clip Pens have unique colors and a retractable tip. Ideal for handwriting and creative applications, the ink is waterproof and does not smudge

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Artline Decorite

Water based pigment ink fade resistant, perfect for decorating and writing on card, glass, porcelain, metal and plastic.

  • Enjoyable 20 colours (regular, pastel, metallic)
  • 3 Nib types (1.0mm , 3.0mm , brush)
  • Ready to use upon cap-off
  • Ideal for decorating and writing on greeting cards and craft papers
  • High-density ink shows vividly on dark coloured paper
  • Colour layering – Can be overlaid once ink dries
  • Can be used on virtually any surface
  • Wet erasable on non-porous surfaces


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M&G i-Erase – Erasable Gel Pens


iEraseS lets you write smoothly but leaves room for error.

Unique Thermo-Sensitive gel ink formula disappears with erasing friction.

M&G iEraseS ERASABLE GEL PENS combine the fancy and interesting pen style with the incredible erasable gel ink. Erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents

YOUR EVERYDAY ERASABLE GEL PEN: Complete Sudoku and crossword puzzles without a mistake. Life’s hectic, keep calendars neat, even when appointments change. Students can use iEraseS to take notes, edit papers, and complete homework.

We see your creative side, You should let it out!

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Xstamper QuiX Stamp Machine

The Xstamper QuiX pre-inked stamp production system comes complete with everything you need to start making your own stamps. There are 15 different stamp sizes available with our simple and practical process. Being the software quite intuitive. Best of all, the whole process takes just a few minutes!

The Xstamper QuiX Stamping Machine also makes industrial stamps available in 5 sizes suitable for stamping on materials such as plastic, metal, glass, cork, fabrics, wood, rubber…

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