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What we haveOUR PRODUCTS

We have a wide range of office supplies and stationery. Check here for our business areas. If you don’t find what you need here, please contact us.


Markers: Highlighters, Permanent, Industrial, Technical Drawing, Whiteboard, Flipboard ... Ballpoint Pens: Roller, Gel, Telescopic, Liquid Ink ... and Pencils.

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Punchers for 1, 2 or 4 holes simultaneously. From 2 to 300 sheets depending on model.

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Pocket, desktop, industrial or electrical staplers for plain stapling, flat-clinch or without staples.

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Document Wallets, Card Wallets, Art Wallets, Card Holders, CD Holders, Badges, Portfolio Catalog, Document Organizers, Clipboards, Zip Bags, Classifiers.

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Scissors; 9mm and 19mm Cutters; Scalpels; Replacement Blades; Paper Guillotines; Cutting Mats.

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Electrical Products

Laminatores; Paper Shredders; Air Purifiers; Calculators.

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Stamps for Paper, Stamps for Industrial use, Stamp Inks, Automatic Numbering Machines.

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Clips; Springs; Staples; Staples remover; Calculators; Sharpeners; Erasers; Geometry Instruments; Glue Tape Dispensers; Correction Tapes; ...

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School furniture; Office furniture; Furniture for waiting rooms or meeting rooms.

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